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Ann Hodges: The Woman That Was Hit By A Meteorite | 2021
In 1954, an Alabama woman named Ann Hodges was hit by a meteorite that crashed through the roof of her home. For years, this was the only documented case of an extra-terrestrial object injuring a human being. Despite turning Ms. Hodges into an overnight celebrity, the bizarre event marked the beginning of her tragic demise. With this short documentary film, I wanted to tell the incredible but sad story of Ann Hodges and simultaneously reflect on my passion for low budget Hollywood science fiction films. I hope my film gives some recognition to the late Ann Hodges, whose short life was as wondrous as it was tragic. Struck By A Rock From Space showcases the gritty way in which humankind preserves history and violence through photographs while functioning as a homage to the incredible sci-fi films that dominated box offices during the 1950’s. The film is part of the collections of the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

Darkness Grows | 2020
An experimental short film that was made in participation of the EYE Research Labs 2020. it was shown at the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam on the 29th of February 2020. The short reflects on my youth, where I used horror and thriller films as a distraction from my troubled home situation. 

Waiting | 2016
This video loop was part of my graduation show at the Breitner Academy. The work explores the portrayal of female characters in classical Hollywood movies and the correlation between the perspective of the ‘guilty’ audience and violence against women.