Pastel Landscapes (2018 – 2019)

Exhibited in New Photography Talent exhibition, Melkweg in 12/2018

Over the course of 2018 and 2019 I travelled to the United States, Morocco, Indonesia and Vietnam. There, I took pictures of beautiful spots in cities that are easily overlooked. With the series, i tried to capture abstract beauty in unexpected and deteriorating places. While travelling, I tried to capture a certain minimalist aesthetic, which I found in architecture, sunlight, shadow and pastel colours. With the series, I reflect on society in a global future in which more and more people live in a concrete jungle. Inspired by Edward Hopper and Singaporean photographer Nguan, I wandered through busy city districts to look for quiet beauty in the middle of the vibrant city life. I consider the project as an anamoly in my portfolio that reflects the joy I feel for travelling, for it doesn’t tackle the same dark themes. Creators by Vice published a Dutch article on my Moroccan photos, which you can find here.

This series got me nominated for the New Photography Talent exhibition, organised by Gup. A picture of this series was on show during their annual exhibition in the Melkweg in 2018. Four of the photographs were published in the photobook New Photography 2019.