Monster Schlock | 2023
Short film

Monster Schlock is a comedy horror short film by Jelle Havermans and Jacob Morris. The film revolves around a couple that goes swimming in a lake, not aware of sinister entity that lurks in the water…Monster Schlock is a goofy homage to ‘creature features’ and 80s slasher films. It was made independently with a small team and funded with help of Voor De Kunst.

Ann Hodges: The Woman That Was Hit By A Meteorite | 2021
Experimental short documentary

In 1954, an Alabama woman named Ann Hodges was hit by a meteorite that crashed through the roof of her home. For years, this was the only documented case of an extra-terrestrial object injuring a human being. Despite turning Ms. Hodges into an overnight celebrity, the bizarre event marked the beginning of her tragic demise.