Photography Projects 

– Bella In The Whych Elm | 2021
Over the course of two years, I researched the mysterious British murder case known as ‘Bella in the Whych Elm’. In 1943, a few boys stumbled upon the skeletal remains of a woman (nicknamed Bella) inside a hollow tree, in a forest close to Hagley, Birmingham. Despite a thorough investigation, the case and and Bella’s identity remain an unsolved mystery. I took 35mm photographs of the spot were the captivating crime took place and wrote five fictional stories from the perspective of the unidentified female. In each story, the victim is a completely different character. Her fatal ending, however, remains the same. The stories are published in a book accompanied by the photographs I shot in and around the Hagley forest. This project will be published in 2021.

An old tree trunk in the Hagley forest, 35mm

– Leading Ladies | 2020 
This photo book was part of my research and made in order to reflect on the leading ladies starring in Alfred Hitchcock’s films. I took an random screenshots of every leading female character in Hitchcock’s fifteen colour films and printed them on transparent paper. Because the pictures are printed on transparent paper, their similar facial features slightly overlap when browsing the book. 

– Final Girls | 2019 – 2020
With this photo series I did as part of Master of Fine Art, I reflect on the concept of the ‘Final Girl’ and my role as a consumer of horror films. The Final Girl refers to the last girl alive to confront the killer in the slasher film; a horror archetype. With this series, I tried to recreate the image and aesthetic of the Final Girl as seen in promotional posters and shots for eighties horror films; the decade in which the slasher film flourished. 

– Pastel Landscapes | 2018 – 2019
Over the course of 2018 and 2019 I travelled to Morocco, Indonesia and Vietnam. There, I took pictures of beautiful spots in cities that are easily overlooked. With the series, i tried to capture abstract beauty in unexpected and deteriorating places. Inspired by Edward Hopper and Singaporean photographer Nguan, I wandered through busy city districts to look for quiet beauty in the middle of the vibrant city life. 

Indonesia, 2019, Digital
Morocco, 2018, digital

– Mountains of Men | 2017 – 2018
I combined analog and digital collage techniques to touch upon themes like anonymity and identity in the world of cinema. I used found imagery and took portraits which I edited digitally. This series was fuelled by the upcoming of the Me Too Movement movement.

Commissioned Photography Projects

– Bijlmer Bajes | 2018
In this series I depicted the infamous Amsterdam prison known as ‘The Bijlmerbajes’ for Creators by Vice. I tried to capture the raw spirit of the historically important building with my camera, before it would be destroyed and then transformed into an apartment building in 2021.

A baseball court inside of the Bijlmer Bajes prison, 2018, digital