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Jelle Havermans (1994)

I live in Amsterdam and I am currently enrolled in the Lens Based Master Programme at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Besides that, I work as an art teacher and I am an activist for emancipation.

With my current work, I reflect on film and it’s role in society. It’s mainly questioning and exposing the traditional morals and stereotypical (gender) roles that are portrayed in cinema throughout history. Through art, I investigate my own obsessions and desires, which are mainly rooted in horror, true crime and the macabre. 

Through photography and moving images I comment and reflect on my own fascinations as well as the way images and cinema influence our society. Through my work, I’m reflecting on constructs in the male dominated world of cinema, which has a inconceivable impact on the way we construct our own realities. Important in my artistic process is the element of physicality. I’m interested in the nature of imagery; how aesthetics and the physical form in which an image is presented, evokes feelings and tells a story. For me, there is a charm in the process of creating certain ambience, despite having little budget. The goal of my work is to explore my inner obsessions… To reflect upon the value and influence of (moving) images in a personal and societal context. 

Besides my work as a visual artist, I am a feminist writer. My articles were published in large newspapers and (online) magazines like De Volkskrant, Het Parool and NRC’s Mindshakes. With my writing I express my viewpoint on societal  issues from a feminist perspective. If you’d like to read some of these (Dutch) articles, you can visit this page.

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