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10501659_10208364665973923_7434244832180944264_nJelle Havermans (1994)

I currently live in Amsterdam and work as a art teacher and as an public employee at Huis Marseille – Museum For Photography.

With striking compositions I try to capture the esthetic essence of various urban landscapes. I started my project in Amsterdam and currently travel around the world shooting mostly modern architecture in the crowded cities in which brick and cement have almost completely replaced organic shapes from the landscape. With my pictures I try to reflect on urban society, and a global future in which more and more people live in the concrete jungle on a daily base. With my camera I do not judge society or our modern age, but try to find beauty in it’s shapes and colours. A light touch, hard shadows and bright pastel shades are characteristics for my work. I’ve always been fascinated by abstract painters like Mark Rothko and Barnett Newmann and in some way try to capture a similar abstract essence with my photos. However, my pictures always show signs of human presence and for me, are about finding beauty in everyday street corners.

All photographs, artworks and written copy on this website is the copyrighted property of Jelle Havermans unless stated otherwise.